PTH Machinery

The PTH Crusher on site.

PTH Crusher

For anyone interested in converting hardest of rock and concrete into rubble. The Multi crusher capable of handling up to 400 mm diameter rocks with its armored crushing chamber. Ideal for crushing stone loosened tar seal or simply reclaiming and converting stony or forestry land back into usable soil.Click image for more information



A crusher for roadside berm management Click image for more information

Stone crusher in action

Used Machinery

Our range of used machinery is always changing. Simply flick us an email to see what we have available.

PTH Compactor in action behing crusher


A hydraulic multi plate compactor with left right lateral adjustment. This is part of the two tractor road making operation that uses material onsite.

Front mounted PTH spring loaded ripper at work on forestry road.

PTH Ripper

A front mounted ripper for loosening soil ,rock or roading material for the rear mounted crusher to convert into smaller aggregate. This PTH ripper is widely used in restabilising forestry or gravel roads and lifting loose rock material prior to crushing with rear mounted crusher.

PTH aBr magnetic retarder braking system

PTH aBr: Magnetic Braking system

A magnetic retarder braking system that utilises the tractors front pto. Increasing stopping capacity, reducing dependence and wear on wheel brakes.

The front mounted PTH grader.

Speedy Grader

A versatile front loaded grader coming in two sizes. Can be used with laser control. All adjustment handled from single joystick.